Metal Awards announce the revocation of Sabaton’s and Joakim Broden’s nominations in Metal Band 2024 and Male Metal Singer 2024 categories, respectively. The band’s involvement in a performance organized by the Night Wolves, a motorcycle club with strong ties to the Kremlin, in Russian-occupied Crimea in 2015 has raised serious concerns.

As an organization committed to upholding the values of integrity and respect within the metal music community, the Metal Awards cannot condone actions that support political agendas at the expense of human rights and international law. Therefore, Sabaton’s and Joakim Broden’s nominations have been revoked.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and affirm our support for its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We believe in the power of music to inspire positive change and condemn any actions that undermine the principles of peace and justice.

We appreciate the understanding of our decision and reaffirm our commitment to recognizing excellence in the metal genre while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Metal Awards


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  • Metalmartin, 28th April 2024 @ 7:02 pm Reply

    2015? Really.

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