In a recent development, has revealed Suzuka Nakamoto as the frontrunner in the ongoing poll for Female Metal Singer of 2024. The mid-year report, released two weeks after the poll’s initiation, showcases Nakamoto’s remarkable lead, securing an impressive 77.9% of the total votes from an engaged pool of 4,881 passionate metal fans.

It’s crucial to emphasize that these interim results are not final, as the poll will remain open throughout the entirety of 2024. Fans are enthusiastically encouraged to continue casting their votes and rallying behind their preferred female metal vocalists.

Claiming the second position is the esteemed Floor Jansen, capturing a notable 8.3% of the votes. Meanwhile, Tatyana Shamyluk secures the third spot with a commendable 4.1%. extends its gratitude to the enthusiastic fans who have already cast their votes and urges the community to stay engaged throughout the year. The final results will be unveiled at the end of 2024, culminating in the official recognition of the Female Metal Singer of the Year.


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