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BABYMETAL Hits Youtube Global Music Video Top 100 Chart

Japanese kawaii metal sensation BABYMETAL has teamed up with German electronicore band Electric Callboy for an explosive new single and music video titled “RATATATA”. Released on May 23, 2024, the high-octane track fuses BABYMETAL’s signature blend of J-pop and heavy metal with Electric Callboy’s energetic electronicore sound.


Over 20,000 Votes Counted in Female Metal Singer 2024 Poll

The Female Metal Singer 2024 category has seen an overwhelming response, with over 20,000 passionate metal fans casting their votes. Leading the pack is 26-year-old Japanese sensation Suzuka Nakamoto, commanding 51.52% of the votes with a total of 13,304 votes.

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The Top 20 Metal Songs That Will Make You Cry

Welcome to our exploration of the top 20 metal songs that possess a unique ability to stir deep emotions and elicit tears. From Kamelot’s touching “Love You To Death” to Evanescence’s enduring “My Immortal,” each track featured here has left an undeniable impact on listeners worldwide. Through powerful vocals, evocative lyrics, and haunting melodies, these songs resonate with the human experience, offering solace and reflection in moments of sorrow. Join us as we delve into the profound connections forged between music and emotion, uncovering the timeless beauty of these metal masterpieces.