Tatiana Shmayluk| Biography, Albums, Songs, Awards, & Facts

Tatiana Shmayluk, born March 15, 1987, is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter renowned as the powerhouse frontwoman of Jinjer, a groove metal/metalcore sensation. From Horlivka, Ukraine, her musical journey sparked in her youth, influenced by metal and ignited by her brother’s guidance. Joining Jinjer in 2010, she’s been pivotal in their rise, co-writing and commanding the stage. Amidst lineup changes, her presence remains central, driving the band’s international acclaim. Notable for her dynamic vocals, she’s a force in metal’s global landscape. Shmayluk’s journey epitomizes resilience, determination, and musical innovation, cementing her as a prominent figure in Ukrainian and global music.


JINJER Releases Live Single: Pisces

JINJER, the Ukrainian powerhouse in modern metal, is igniting excitement among fans with the release of another electrifying single from their forthcoming live album, “Live in Los Angeles.” The track in the spotlight? None other than their chart-topping hit, “Pisces,” celebrated for its raw energy and emotive power.