Finnish rock band MOON SHOT has released a new music video for their song “Blackened Spiral,” directed by Sami Joensuu. The band’s guitarist and producer, Jussi Ylikoski, describes the song as having two contrasting elements: a light and poppy sound, but with a deep message about accepting death. Lead singer and lyricist Ville Malja adds that the song is one of the most honest and painful he’s ever written for the band, dedicated to those who have lost someone they love. The video combines live-action footage with animation and artificial intelligence, creating a visually explosive experience.

“Blackened Spiral” is part of MOON SHOT’s second studio album, “The Power,” set to release on April 26th. Ylikoski describes the album as the deepest and most intense creative work of his life, with 24 months of uncompromising songwriting, producing, playing, mixing, and tinkering. The album features 11 tracks, including “Life Is A Killer,” “The Power,” and “Supercharged Love.”

MOON SHOT consists of Ylikoski on guitar, Henkka Seppälä on bass, Malja on vocals, and Mikko Hakila on drums. The band’s music is a blend of rock and pop, with a focus on powerful vocals and catchy melodies. “Blackened Spiral” is a prime example of their ability to balance light and heavy themes in their music.

The music video for “Blackened Spiral” is a must-see for fans of MOON SHOT and anyone who appreciates visually stunning music videos. The combination of live-action and animation creates a unique and exciting experience, perfectly complementing the song’s contrasting elements. “The Power” promises to be a deep and intense album, showcasing the band’s talent and creativity.


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