Simone Simons, the lead vocalist of the acclaimed Dutch symphonic metal band Epica, has captivated audiences worldwide. From her early musical influences to her unique personal traits, here are 10 intriguing facts about this talented artist.

1. Metal Awakening

At 16, Simone attended her first metal concert featuring After Forever. This experience sparked her passion for the genre. Interestingly, she went to this concert with Mark Jansen, whom she had met in an After Forever chat room. Their friendship blossomed into a romance that lasted four and a half years.

2. Pop Music Roots

Before diving into metal, Simone was a big fan of 90s pop. She loved groups like the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys. This diverse musical background later influenced her versatile vocal style.

3. Iconic Red Hair

Simone’s striking red hair isn’t natural. In fact, her original color is dark brunette. To achieve her signature look, she first bleaches her hair white, then dyes it red.

(Credit: Stephan Birlouez / Flickr)

4. Overcoming Health Challenges

Between 2003 and 2007, Simone battled frequent illnesses while touring. Her weakened immune system led to a severe MRSA infection in 2008, forcing her to take a break from performing. Despite these setbacks, she bounced back stronger, showcasing her resilience.

5. Unique Sibling Bond

Simone shares an extraordinary connection with her younger sister Janneke. Born on Simone’s second birthday, Janneke’s voice is nearly identical to Simone’s. This similarity often confuses even their mother and Simone’s husband.

6. Cinephile Extraordinaire

Beyond music, Simone is passionate about film. She owns an impressive collection of over 800 DVDs, ranging from classic dramas to sci-fi epics. This hobby reflects her love for storytelling across different media.

7. Eclectic Musical Tastes

While Lacuna Coil tops her list of favorite bands, Simone’s musical interests are diverse. She enjoys artists like Muse, Opeth, and Rammstein. Additionally, she still appreciates pop music, demonstrating her open-minded approach to different genres.

(Credit:Ton Dekkers / Flickr)

8. Memorable First Performance

Simone’s debut with Epica (then called Sahara Dust) took place at the 013 venue in Tilburg. They opened for Anathema, marking the beginning of Epica’s journey to stardom.

9. Vocal Evolution

Initially trained in jazz and pop singing, Simone’s career took a turn when she discovered Nightwish’s “Oceanborn” album. Inspired by this symphonic metal sound, she pursued classical singing lessons, shaping her distinctive vocal style.

10. Deep Fan Connection

Known for her remarkable memory, Simone often recognizes fans from previous concerts. She cherishes the gifts she receives from supporters, demonstrating her genuine appreciation for her fanbase.


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