In the vibrant landscape of metal music, attempting to rank its talented sopranos feels almost conditional, as each vocalist brings an unparalleled level of skill and artistry to the stage. From the operatic grandeur of Tarja Turunen to the commanding presence of Floor Jansen, the sheer talent displayed by these artists transcends mere numerical placement. However, at the forefront stands Lori Lewis, whose remarkable vocal range and captivating performances have rightfully earned her the title of the top soprano in metal. While the ranking highlights individual achievements, it’s essential to acknowledge the immense talent and contributions of all the singers mentioned, each leaving an indelible mark on the metal scene with their exceptional abilities.

10. Manuela Kraller – Spinto Soprano

Vocal Range: D3-E6

Hailing from Germany, Manuela Kraller is a spinto soprano singer best known for her tenure as the lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band Xandria. With a vocal range spanning from D3 to E6, Kraller’s musical journey blends elements of rock, metal, and classical music, showcasing her versatility and innovation. Her collaborations with bands like Haggard and Xandria highlight her dynamic vocal range and emotive performances, earning her acclaim as a rising star in the metal scene.

9. Melissa Ferlaak –  Full Lyric Soprano

Vocal Range: A3-C6

Melissa Marie Ferlaak, an American mezzo and full lyric soprano, mesmerizes audiences with her vocal range spanning from A3 to C6. She is Known for her contributions to symphonic metal bands like Aesma Daeva and Visions of Atlantis, Ferlaak’s dynamic voice adds depth and emotion to every performance.

8. Marcela Bovio – Dramatic Soprano

Vocal Range: D3-A6

Marcela Alejandra Bovio García, a Mexican singer, composer, and violinist, showcases her vocal range spanning from B2 to A6. From her early days with Elfonía to collaborations with Ayreon and Stream of Passion, Bovio’s journey exemplifies versatility and innovation in the metal scene. With her captivating soprano vocals and creative prowess, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the metal landscape.

7. Heidi Parviainen – Lyric Soprano


Vocal Range: Bb2 – E6

Hailing from Espoo, Finland, Heidi Parviainen is a classically trained vocalist and songwriter known for her captivating performances. Best known as the former lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band Amberian Dawn, Parviainen’s vocal range spans from Bb2 to E6. Her tenure with Amberian Dawn showcased her powerful vocals and songwriting prowess, earning her recognition as one of the genre’s most distinctive voices. Parviainen’s musical journey extends beyond Amberian Dawn, as she embarked on a new project called Dark Sarah, releasing several studio albums.


6. Dianne van Giersbergen – Spinto Soprano 


Vocal Range: E3 to E6

Dianne van Giersbergen, a Dutch dramatic soprano and singer-songwriter, showcases her vocal prowess spanning from E3 to E6. Founding the Dutch progressive metal band Ex-Libris and gracing the stage as the former singer of Xandria, van Giersbergen’s journey epitomizes versatility and innovation.

5. Laura Macrì – Spinto Soprano


Vocal Range: B3 – E6

Laura Macri born on June 29, 1990, in Caltanissetta, Sicily, stands as a distinguished Italian soprano celebrated for her contributions to the realms of symphonic metal and classical music. Recognized for her versatile talents, Macrì’s journey in music encompasses collaborations with esteemed groups such as MaYan, Epica, and Div4s, alongside her notable role in the live band of renowned musician Andrea Bocelli.

4. Simone Simons – Light lyric soprano


Vocal Range: D3-B♭6

Born in Hoensbroek, Netherlands, Simone Simons is a Dutch mezzo-soprano renowned as the lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band Epica. With a vocal range spanning from D3 to B♭6, Simons’s musical journey began at a young age, inspired by artists like Tarja Turunen and Cristina Scabbia. Her tenure with Epica, marked by her lyrical contributions and emotive performances, has solidified her status as one of metal’s leading sopranos.

3. Floor Jansen  – Dramatic Soprano


Vocal Range: C3-F6

Floor Jansen is a Dutch singer whose commanding presence and powerful soprano vocals have captivated audiences worldwide. With a vocal range spanning from C3 to F6, Jansen rose to prominence as the lead vocalist of the Dutch symphonic metal band After Forever before joining Nightwish in 2012. Her dynamic performances and lyrical prowess have redefined the symphonic metal genre, earning her acclaim as a trailblazer in the industry. Jansen’s contributions as both a vocalist and a lyricist showcase her multifaceted talent and enduring impact on the metal scene.

2. Tarja Turunen –  Lyric Soprano


Vocal Range: C3 – G♯6

Born in Finland, Tarja Turunen is a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene, renowned for her powerful soprano vocals spanning from C3 to G♯6. Best known as the former lead vocalist of Nightwish, Turunen’s operatic style and technical mastery have earned her widespread acclaim. Her solo career, marked by albums like “My Winter Storm” and “What Lies Beneath,” showcases her versatility and innovation, solidifying her status as one of metal’s leading sopranos. Turunen’s influence extends beyond music, earning her recognition as one of Finland’s most revered voices and a nominee for prestigious awards.

1. Lori Lewis – Coloratura Soprano

Vocal Range: D3-D6

Hailing from Minnesota, Lori Lewis is an American soprano whose vocal prowess has left an indelible mark in the world of metal music. Renowned for her captivating performances with the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion, Lewis boasts an impressive vocal range spanning from D3 to D6. Notably, she became the first permanent female member in Therion’s history, showcasing her exceptional talent and versatility. Lewis’s journey from the world of opera to metal is a testament to her musical evolution, earning her acclaim for her collaborations with bands like Aesma Daeva and Imperial Vengeance.


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