Danish-Swedish progressive metal band VOLA has announced their highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Friend Of A Phantom,” set for release on November 1st through Mascot Records. This new offering follows the success of their 2021 album “Witness” and marks an exciting new chapter for the band.

Coinciding with the album announcement, VOLA released a new single titled “Break My Lying Tongue,” accompanied by a music video available online. The band had previously teased fans with the album title earlier this year, building anticipation for this official announcement.

In a move that will delight fans across Europe, VOLA will embark on the “Friend Of A Phantom” tour on the same day as the album release. The tour kicks off in Ã…rhus, Denmark, and will see the band perform across various European countries, including Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg.

Drummer Adam Janzi shared insights into the band’s creative journey leading up to “Friend Of A Phantom.” He explained that the time since “Witness” allowed the band to internalize their previous work and let its impact influence their approach to the new album. Janzi noted, “Our personal tastes have changed, our approach to our instruments and composing has changed, our lives have changed, time has passed, and we’ve had adventures.”

Janzi also highlighted an evolution in the band’s sound, mentioning that the melancholic elements present in “Witness” have grown and become a central part of the new album. He expressed a sense of growth and maturity in VOLA’s music, stating, “I feel that VOLA has grown and entered a new stage in its life, that it has matured.”

This announcement has generated excitement among VOLA’s fanbase and in the broader progressive rock and metal communities. The combination of a new album and a European tour promises to make the latter part of 2024 an exciting time for VOLA fans.

As November 1st approaches, anticipation builds for both the release of “Friend Of A Phantom” and the start of VOLA’s European tour, marking what promises to be a significant milestone in the band’s career.


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