In our exclusive ROCK ANTENNE interview, NIGHTWISH mastermind Tuomas Holopainen offered fascinating insights into the band’s upcoming album “Yesterwynde”, highlighting “The Children of ‘Ata” as a standout track.

Holopainen described “Yesterwynde” as a celebration of “time, memories, humanity, and mortality.” The album’s concept was inspired by colorized footage from the late 19th century, which made the past feel more immediate and relatable to Holopainen.

While discussing the album’s sound, Holopainen mentioned that familiar NIGHTWISH elements remain intact – including band instruments, dual vocalists, choirs, and orchestra. However, he also revealed some experimentation, particularly with ’80s-inspired synth sounds on tracks four and seven.

“The Children of ‘Ata,” track seven, particularly excited Holopainen. Based on a true story of children stranded on a desert island who cooperated to survive, it challenges the “Lord of the Flies” narrative. “It turned out even better than I expected,” Holopainen enthused.

The frontman also touched on the album’s underlying message about fear. He criticized the use of fear by leaders and media to control people, encouraging listeners to appreciate life instead of living in constant dread.

Interestingly, Holopainen discussed the band’s approach to song length, prioritizing storytelling over radio-friendliness. He expressed gratitude for their record label’s open-mindedness in allowing them to release a 9-minute song as the first single.

As a fun aside, Holopainen shared his all-time favorite rock song: “One” by Metallica, citing its influence on his discovery of metal music. He even recounted a recent encounter with Metallica’s James Hetfield at a festival, underscoring the impact Metallica has had on his career.

With its blend of familiar elements, new experiments, and deeply thoughtful themes, “Yesterwynde” is shaping up to be another landmark release in NIGHTWISH’s illustrious career. Fans worldwide eagerly await this new chapter in the band’s musical odyssey.


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