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Symphonic metal combines metal and classical orchestral music. In creating music in this style, female vocals, choirs, symphonic musical instruments, or their imitation using synthesizers are often used, and full symphonic orchestras are frequently used in recordings. Concept albums, duets, and choirs with multiple vocalists are characteristic of the genre.


The Top 10 Most Underrated Metal Bands of All Time

In the vast and dynamic world of metal music, certain bands shine brightly within dedicated circles of metal enthusiasts. These bands are revered for their immense talent and profound influence on the genre, yet they remain largely undiscovered by the broader public. Despite their lack of mainstream recognition, these hidden gems hold a special place in the hearts of devoted metal listeners around the globe. Here, we delve into the top 10 most underrated metal bands of all time, celebrating their unparalleled creativity and musical prowess.


The Top 10 Greatest Symphonic Metal Songs

Symphonic metal, a captivating fusion of heavy metal and orchestral arrangements, stands as a genre that pushes the boundaries of musical expression. Rooted in the intensity of metal yet adorned with the richness of symphonic elements borrowed from classical music and progressive rock, symphonic metal offers listeners a truly immersive sonic experience.Here, we explore ten of the best symphonic metal songs that have left a lasting impression on fans worldwide.

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Symphonic Metal Band 2024

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of symphonic metal! This category honors the orchestral magic and metal might of symphonic metal bands in 2024. With epic compositions and powerful arrangements, these bands elevate the genre to new heights. Vote for the symphonic metal ensemble that has transported you to otherworldly realms with their musical prowess.