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Symphonic metal combines metal and classical orchestral music. In creating music in this style, female vocals, choirs, symphonic musical instruments, or their imitation using synthesizers are often used, and full symphonic orchestras are frequently used in recordings. Concept albums, duets, and choirs with multiple vocalists are characteristic of the genre.

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NIGHTWISH Announce New ‘Yesterwynde’ Album

Nightwish Announces the Arrival of “Yesterwynde” – Their 10th Studio Album! In a much-awaited revelation, Nightwish has declared the dawn of a new musical era

Credit: Flickr/Peter Hutchins
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The Top 10 Greatest Songs from BABYMETAL

Before Babymetal ignited the global metal scene, the fusion of kawaii culture and heavy metal seemed improbable, if not impossible. As they continue to conquer