Before Babymetal ignited the global metal scene, the fusion of kawaii culture and heavy metal seemed improbable, if not impossible. As they continue to conquer stages around the world, Babymetal’s saga is one of resilience, innovation, and unbridled passion. From Tokyo to Times Square, their infectious energy knows no bounds, leaving a trail of devoted fans and bewildered critics in their wake. In the ever-expanding universe of metal music, Babymetal stands as a shining beacon of creativity, beckoning listeners to embrace the chaos and embrace the metal revolution. Here’s a countdown of their top 10 songs.

10. Babymetal - Iine!

This track is a sonic adventure, seamlessly blending techno, hip-hop, and metal elements into a whirlwind of musical diversity. From its infectious beats to its unexpected shifts in tone, “Iine!” is a testament to Babymetal’s playful yet potent musical style that leaves listeners captivated.

9. Babymetal - Karate

Opening with a riff that commands attention, “Karate” unfolds into a masterpiece of musical precision. Su-metal’s vocals soar alongside the Kami Band’s impeccable instrumentation, crafting a powerful anthem that showcases the band’s exceptional talent and undeniable charisma.

8. Babymetal - Akatsuki

Majestic and commanding, “Akatsuki” stands as a beacon of power metal excellence. Su-metal’s emotive vocals take center stage, weaving a tale of strength and resilience against a backdrop of intricate guitar melodies and thunderous drumming. It’s a song that leaves a lasting impression, resonating with listeners long after the final note fades away.

7. Babymetal - Road of Resistance

Bursting with vigor and passion, “Road of Resistance” ignites the spirit with its anthemic melodies and driving rhythms. From its soaring choruses to its blistering guitar solos, the song serves as a rallying cry for fans worldwide, uniting them in a shared love for Babymetal’s electrifying sound.

5. Babymetal - METALIZM

Embarking on a sonic journey, “METALIZM” ventures into uncharted territory, blending disparate genres with Babymetal’s signature style. From its pulsating beats to its haunting melodies, the song explores new musical frontiers while retaining the band’s unmistakable identity, resulting in a mesmerizing listening experience that leaves a lasting impression.

4. Babymetal - Gimme Chocolate!!

A playful yet potent anthem, “Gimme Chocolate!!” defies expectations with its infectious hooks and irresistible charm. Beneath its lighthearted exterior lies a testament to Babymetal’s ability to push musical boundaries while captivating audiences with their unique blend of metal and pop sensibilities.

3. Babymetal - メタり!! (feat. Tom Morello)

Capturing the raw energy of a live performance, this track electrifies audiences with its dynamic interplay of vocals and instrumentation. With electrifying segments and a relentless pace, “メタり!!” showcases Babymetal at their most vibrant and exhilarating, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats and craving more.

2. Babymetal - Ijime, Dame, Zettai

A tour de force of musical brilliance, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” combines powerful vocals, poignant lyrics, and explosive instrumentals to deliver a message of strength and solidarity. From its thunderous opening to its triumphant climax, the song stands as a testament to Babymetal’s ability to inspire and uplift audiences with their music.

1. Babymetal - Megitsune

Reigning supreme at the top of the list, “Megitsune” emerges as the epitome of Babymetal’s artistry and innovation. From its enchanting melodies to its thunderous breakdowns, the song captivates listeners with its dynamic range and infectious energy, solidifying its status as the greatest song in Babymetal’s illustrious catalog.


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