Suzuka Nakamoto, also known as Su-metal, born December 20, 1997, in Hiroshima, Japan, gained fame as the lead vocalist of Babymetal, a kawaii metal band formed in 2010. Prior to Babymetal, she was a member of Karen Girl’s and Sakura Gakuin. Her musical journey began with modeling and acting, eventually leading to her successful career in the music industry. Suzuka’s powerful vocals and stage presence have contributed to Babymetal’s global popularity.

Suzuka Nakamoto, also known by her stage name Su-metal, is best known as a Japanese musician, singer, and songwriter, particularly recognized as a member of the kawaii metal band Babymetal. She gained prominence through her performances with Babymetal, where she serves as the lead vocalist

Suzuka Nakamoto, born on December 20, 1997, is from Hiroshima, Japan.

Suzuka Nakamoto became famous through her involvement in various musical endeavors, particularly as a member of the kawaii metal band Babymetal. She gained recognition for her role as the lead vocalist, known by her stage name Su-metal, within Babymetal, which garnered international attention for its unique fusion of metal and J-pop elements. Prior to Babymetal, Suzuka was also a member of groups like Karen Girl’s and Sakura Gakuin, contributing to her visibility in the Japanese entertainment industry.

Suzuka Nakamoto, also known as Su-metal, is credited as a songwriter for some of the songs performed by Babymetal, the band of which she is a member. However, it’s essential to note that songwriting in Babymetal is typically a collaborative effort involving multiple individuals, including the members themselves, producers, and other songwriters. While Suzuka may contribute to the songwriting process, it’s unlikely that she solely writes all of the group’s songs.

Suzuka Nakamoto has gained popularity through her performances with Babymetal, a kawaii metal band known for their unique fusion of metal and J-pop elements. Some of Babymetal’s most popular songs featuring Suzuka Nakamoto include: “Gimme Chocolate!!” “Karate” “Megitsune” “Road of Resistance” “PA PA YA!!”

Suzuka Nakamoto
Suzuka Nakamoto


Category: Female Metal Singer

In full: Suzuka Nakamoto

Born: December 20, 1997, Hiroshima, Japan

Associated Bands: Babymetal, Karen Girl’s, Sakura Gakuin

Notable Works: Babymetal (2014) Metal Resistance (2016) Metal Galaxy (2019) The Other One (2023)


Early Beginnings and Formation of BABYMETAL

Suzuka Nakamoto  started her journey in the entertainment world at a tender age, winning the Jeweldrop Fashion Contest at just five years old. Her early modelling gigs led her to a commercial opportunity with Bandai, setting the stage for a remarkable career ahead.

At the Actor’s School of Hiroshima, she met Mariri Sugimoto, a fellow future member of Sakura Gakuin. In 2008, Suzuka debuted in the group Karen Girl’s, gaining attention with their single “Over The Future” tied to the anime “Zettai Karen Chirudoren.”

Transitioning to Sakura Gakuin in 2010, Suzuka’s talent blossomed further. She Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno formed the groundbreaking sub-unit BABYMETAL, blending J-Pop with Heavy Metal in a unique fusion.

Rise to Global Fame

As President of Sakura Gakuin, Suzuka’s leadership was instrumental, guiding the group through milestones like their first DVD release and her own graduation in 2013. Suzuka’s influence extended beyond her groups, as seen in her collaboration with Jam Project in 2013. BABYMETAL’s self-titled debut album in 2014 solidified their place in the global music scene.

In March 2014, BABYMETAL officially embraced the Kami Band era with their “Budokan 2 Days, Legend Doomsday” shows at Nippon Budokan. This marked a significant transition for the group. Following this, they embarked on their inaugural European tour in July 2014, followed by their debut performances in the United States later that same month.

A pivotal moment for Suzuka Nakamoto came during BABYMETAL’s performance at Sonisphere Festival in England on July 5, 2014, which she considered their most important show of the year. The momentum continued as they concluded their world tour with two sold-out shows in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2014.

In October 2014, Suzuka Nakamoto’s graduation photobook saw a re-release as the “Perfect Edition,” boasting exclusive photos. Then, in November 2014, BABYMETAL thrilled fans by announcing the release of the “Live At Budokan” DVD, Bluray, and the Limited Edition Package “Budo-Can,” immortalizing their historic Budokan performances.

As the year drew to a close, significant events unfolded for BABYMETAL. December 7, 2014, saw Sakura Gakuin’s final performance of the year, featuring a surprise video message from Suzuka Nakamoto. Later, on December 20, 2014, Su-Metal Seitansai took place with the premiere of a new song and Suzuka’s appearance during “Onedari Daisakusen.”

Global Recognition and Achievements

BABYMETAL’s presence continued to soar into 2015, with highlights including their triumphant performance on Music Station of TV Asahi on December 26, 2014, reaching a massive audience. They started the new year with a bang, clinching “Best Band” and “Best Album” awards at The Arcade Awards 2014 from Ireland on January 1, 2015.

Further accolades followed, with BABYMETAL’s debut album achieving GOLD Record certification by RIAJ on January 14, 2015, and winning “Best New Act Of 2014” at the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards on February 3, 2015. The accolades continued with a Grand Prize win at the 7th CD Shop Awards on March 9, 2015.

As BABYMETAL’s influence spread globally, they announced the release of their debut album in North America and Europe on April 9, 2015. The album was released in the UK on May 29, 2015, followed by performances in Germany and other European festivals.

Their impact was recognized at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards on June 15, 2015, where they won the “Breakthrough Award.” This was further solidified by their most significant show, the first leg of their World Tour 2015 at Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall on June 21, 2015.

Resilience and Growth

Their journey continued to new heights as they were confirmed to play at Ozzfest Japan 2015 with Ozzy Osbourne on July 9, 2015, cementing their status as a global phenomenon in the metal scene.

Throughout the latter half of 2015, BABYMETAL stormed onto the global stage with electrifying performances and many achievements. Their impact was undeniable, from their mesmerizing appearances at Summer Sonic, Reading Festival, and Ozzfest Japan to winning the Tsutaya Staff Award and garnering nominations at the MTV European Music Awards and Loudwire Music Awards. They graced the pages of prestigious magazines like GQ Japan and VOGUE Japan while their digital and physical album sales, along with their YouTube milestones, soared.

Their influence extended into the gaming world as their songs became part of popular games like Rock Band 4 and Jubeat. Plans for their second album, a monumental Tokyo Dome performance, and the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 in the United States were unveiled, solidifying their status as global icons. Amidst cultural events and individual recognitions, they made memorable appearances on television shows like Music Station of TV Asahi.

As the year drew to a close, BABYMETAL capped off their phenomenal journey with a show-stopping performance at Countdown Japan 15/16, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene and cementing their place as one of the most dynamic and influential acts of the era.

Su-Metal’s Journey and BABYMETAL’s Impact

In the whirlwind world of BABYMETAL, Suzuka Nakamoto, better known as Su-Metal, continued to captivate audiences worldwide with her electrifying performances. From sharing the stage with legends like Rob Halford of Judas Priest at the Alternative Press Music Awards in 2016 to gracing iconic venues like The O2 in London on her 19th birthday, Su-Metal’s journey with BABYMETAL was marked by unforgettable moments.

Despite missing out on the “Best International Band” title at the Alternative Press Music Awards, BABYMETAL soared to new heights, clinching the prestigious “Best Live Act” award at the AIM Independent Music Awards. Their album “Metal Resistance” garnered critical acclaim and earned nominations at the CD Shop Awards, solidifying their status as a powerhouse in the metal scene.

BABYMETAL’s relentless touring schedule saw them supporting giants like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N’ Roses while also headlining renowned festivals such as Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic. Their global conquest continued with performances in South Korea and collaborations with titans like Metallica, further cementing their international acclaim.

Amidst the frenzy, Su-Metal and her bandmates found time to connect with fans through media appearances, including Metal Hammer and Japan Info features. Their impact extended beyond music, as evidenced by their “Excellence Award” win for digital content.

As the journey unfolded, BABYMETAL’s influence grew, culminating in the release of “Live At Tokyo Dome” and its meteoric rise to the top of the Oricon charts. With each performance and each accolade, BABYMETAL reaffirmed their status as icons of the metal genre, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and captivating hearts around the globe.

In 2017, Su-Metal and BABYMETAL wrapped up their US Tour supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers, a testament to their growing international presence. Their live performance at Wembley earned them the 9th spot on Amazon Japan’s DVD/Bluray Half Year 2017 Ranking, showcasing their enduring popularity. June marked a milestone as BABYMETAL headlined their first show of the year in Los Angeles, followed by supporting Korn’s US Tour. In Japan, they launched “The Five FOX Festival,” captivating audiences nationwide.

The group expanded their reach beyond music, announcing a new song for Cartoon Network’s “Unikitty,” highlighting their versatility. They continued to dominate stages, gracing Summer Sonic for the 6th consecutive year in August. September brought exciting news for THE ONE Members by announcing a new DVD package.

This period marked a chapter of growth and resilience for BABYMETAL as they navigated global tours and domestic engagements, cementing their status as a powerhouse in the metal scene.

Anticipation and Challenges Amidst the Pandemic

Since 2017, Babymetal has been on an electrifying journey marked by thrilling tours and dynamic collaborations. Their World Tours in 2018 and 2019 enthralled audiences worldwide, only interrupted by the unfortunate cancellations and postponements brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, the anticipation soared with the announcement of their eagerly awaited Babymetal World Tour 2023. Alongside their live performances, Babymetal graced prestigious festivals like the Glastonbury Festival, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene. Their musical prowess extended beyond solo acts with memorable collaborations, including joining forces with Sabaton for an unforgettable European tour and teaming up with Bring Me the Horizon, showcasing their versatility and innovative spirit. Through these highlights, Babymetal continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of metal and J-pop, cementing its status as a trailblazer in the music industry.


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