Tarja Turunen, often hailed as the Queen of Symphonic Metal, has mesmerized audiences around the world with her powerful vocals, emotive performances, and enchanting stage presence. With a career spanning over decades, Tarja has left an indelible mark on the music industry, both as the former lead singer of Nightwish and as a successful solo artist. Here, we celebrate her artistry by counting down the top 10 greatest songs from her illustrious repertoire:

10. Tarja Turunen – Victim of Ritual

From her solo album “Colours in the Dark,” “Victim of Ritual” showcases Tarja’s operatic vocals and commanding stage presence. The song’s powerful chorus and intricate composition make it a standout in her catalog.

9. Tarja Turunen – Falling Awake

With its haunting melody and evocative lyrics, “Falling Awake” from the album “The Shadow Self” captivates listeners with its emotional depth and raw vulnerability. Tarja’s vocals soar over a backdrop of lush instrumentation, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape.

8. Tarja Turunen – Sing for Me

“Sing for Me” exudes intimacy and passion, as Tarja delivers a soul-stirring performance accompanied only by a piano. The song’s stripped-down arrangement allows Tarja’s voice to take center stage, showcasing her unparalleled vocal prowess.

7. Tarja Turunen – Dark Star

From the album “What Lies Beneath,” “Dark Star” is a tour de force of symphonic metal, featuring Tarja’s soaring vocals and intricate orchestration. The song’s dynamic shifts and epic crescendos make it a standout track in her discography.

6. Tarja Turunen – My Little Phoenix

With its infectious energy and anthemic chorus, “My Little Phoenix” from the album “My Winter Storm” is a fan favorite that never fails to ignite crowds. Tarja’s electrifying performance and stage presence shine through in this powerful anthem.

5. Tarja Turunen – Dead Promises

“Dead Promises” showcases Tarja’s versatility as an artist, blending elements of symphonic metal with hard rock influences. The song’s infectious rhythm and electrifying guitar riffs make it a standout track from her album “In the Raw.”

4. Tarja Turunen – Until My Last Breath

The title track from her album “What Lies Beneath,” “Until My Last Breath” is a soaring ballad that showcases Tarja’s emotive vocals and powerful songwriting. The song’s anthemic chorus and heartfelt lyrics resonate with listeners on a profound level.

3. Tarja Turunen – Undertaker

“Undertaker” is a hauntingly beautiful track from the album “The Shadow Self,” featuring Tarja’s ethereal vocals and atmospheric instrumentation. The song’s evocative lyrics and brooding melody create a captivating listening experience.

2. Tarja Turunen – Anteroom of Death

“Anteroom of Death” stands out as a highlight from Tarja’s album “What Lies Beneath,” featuring a captivating blend of heavy guitars, symphonic elements, and Tarja’s mesmerizing vocals. The song’s dynamic shifts and dramatic arrangement make it a standout in her repertoire.

1. Tarja Turunen – I Walk Alone

As the opening track from her debut solo album “My Winter Storm,” “I Walk Alone” is a powerful statement of independence and resilience. With its anthemic chorus, soaring vocals, and empowering lyrics, the song has become an anthem for fans around the world.


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