In an exclusive interview with Metal Pilgrim, Sharon den Adel, the lead vocalist of Within Temptation, opened up about the band’s recent experiences in Ukraine, shedding light on their collaboration with Ukrainian artist Alex Yarmak and the political climate surrounding their visit.

Sharon den Adel, who was in Kyiv for the shhooting of a music video alongside Yarmak, expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome they received in Ukraine. Discussing the decision to film in Kyiv, She explained that it felt right to produce the video in Ukraine given the thematic content of the song, which addresses the ongoing political tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Throughout the interview, Sharon den Adel emphasized the band’s unwavering support for Ukraine, acknowledging the complexities of navigating differing political sentiments across Europe. She revealed that while most countries support Ukraine, some European nations have shown backlash due to their perceived pro-Russian leanings.

When asked about any fears regarding their visit to Kyiv, Sharon reassured that she wasn’t scared, citing her previous experiences living in troubled countries as a child. However, she acknowledged that some family members had concerns, highlighting the importance of taking appropriate precautions.

Regarding the possibility of Within Temptation performing in Ukraine, she

expressed hope but acknowledged the logistical challenges, particularly concerning insurance and safety precautions.

Reflecting on the band’s independence in recent years, Sharon discussed how it has allowed them to speak more freely about the causes they believe in, including their support for Ukraine. Despite facing criticism for being “political,” Sharon den Adel asserted that it’s essential for artists to use their platform to address social and political issues.

Sharon den Adel interview on FOOL’S PARADE, Iron Maiden, UKRAINE, Within Temptation & more | 2024


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