Paul Di’Anno, the former frontman of legendary metal band Iron Maiden, has opened up about his ongoing health battles and recovery process in a candid interview with Canadian show The Metal Voice. The singer, who has been wheelchair-bound due to severe health issues, provided insight into his journey following a major knee operation in Croatia nearly two years ago.

Di’Anno’s recovery has been slower than expected, which he attributes to his continued touring schedule. “I’m responsible [for the slow recovery], because we keep going away, touring. And sometimes we have to do it, because the f***ing bills are astronomical for medical care,” he explained. The singer revealed that private treatment in Croatia is more cost-effective than options available in England.

In a heart-wrenching admission, Di’Anno shared the emotional toll of his health problems: “I’ve been suicidal over the last few years. It’s too much. I’m not one of those who should be sitting around all day.” Despite the mental relief that performing brings, he acknowledges the negative impact of touring on his physical health. “It’s bad for my health. It’s not good for me, because I’m not doing physiotherapy or lymphatic drainage,” he stated, adding, “But playing live does me a world of good [mentally].”

Di’Anno also disclosed his ongoing struggle with recurring infections, exacerbated by pneumonia he contracted last year in Mexico. “I’ve been very ill these last two months, with infections following one after another,” he said. The singer touched on the long-term effects of sepsis he contracted in 2015, which has significantly weakened his immune system.

Despite these challenges, Di’Anno’s musical journey continues with his new project, Warhorse, formed in 2022. The band has recorded their debut album in Split, Croatia, set for release in July 2024. Warhorse’s singles, “Stop The War” and “The Doubt Within,” marked Di’Anno’s return to music after a seven-year hiatus and helped raise funds for his knee operation.

This revealing interview offers fans a glimpse into the personal struggles of a metal icon, highlighting the often-unseen challenges faced by musicians. As Di’Anno continues his recovery and works on new music, his resilience and passion for performing shine through, inspiring fans and fellow musicians alike.


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