International thrash/death metal band Anomic has unleashed their latest single “This Blood is Mine” from their recently released debut EP “Opacity”. The band, formed in August 2023, continues to make waves in the metal scene with their unique blend of thrash and death metal influences.

In a recent interview with CeciOn de Metal, guitarist and vocalist Raafat “Raaf” Atasi discussed the band’s sound and the new release. “I wanted to incorporate more elements than just thrash,” he explained. “I like thrash a lot, but I always like to have a broader spectrum for myself, not to be trapped in one genre for a long time.”

Anomic’s core lineup includes Atasi and bassist/vocalist Fadi Massamiri, with Polish drummer Krzysztof Klingbein contributing to the EP. Atasi elaborated on their collaboration, saying, “We had Krzysztof, who played for bands like Vader and Belphegor. He was recently on tour with Hate, and he recorded the drums.”

The band’s sound draws from a wide range of metal styles. “You find some melodic death, some old school Florida death, some German death, Swedish death… and even technical death as well,” Atasi said. “And thrash the same thing, you know, I like the Bay Area, I like the German thrash, I like the Brazilian thrash.”

Interestingly, despite his Middle Eastern background, Atasi deliberately chose not to incorporate overt Oriental elements into Anomic’s sound. “I come from the Middle East so I could have incorporated a lot of Oriental and you know, stuff like that, but it’s for me at least, it’s been overdone,” he explained. “I know so many bands, friends of mine and really great bands who incorporate that, you know, the Middle Eastern culture and history and the old gods and all these things. The mythology which is nice, but I don’t know, it’s just for me it’s overused.” Instead, Atasi focuses on creating a unique blend of Western metal influences, setting Anomic apart in a scene where Middle Eastern-inspired metal has become increasingly common.

“This Blood is Mine” is part of the “Opacity” EP, which explores themes of questioning dominant narratives and societal norms. The EP also includes the title track “Opacity” and “On Deaf Ears”, the latter featuring guest vocals by Stefan Nordström from the Swedish doom/death metal band Soliloquium.

Looking ahead, Anomic is already working on new material. “We have a new album which is 80% of it is composed already,” Atasi shared. The band is also in talks with labels and planning future tours. “We want to start touring, we’re talking to booking agencies and stuff in Europe,” he added.

Metal fans should keep a close eye on Anomic as they continue to evolve and expand their reach. The release of “This Blood is Mine” marks another step forward for this promising new act in the thrash/death metal realm.


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